Group Introduction
JMC Capital Group Limited

The Hong Kong-based JMC Capital Group, founded in 2017, connects to mainland China and extends its business presence into global markets.

As a comprehensive, fully licensed financial service platform with rigorous internal control, JMC Capital adheres to the values and operating philosophies of “integrity, professionalism, growth and mutual benefit”, and provides global asset allocation and planning and other comprehensive financial services for high-net-worth individuals and institutional clients. Our services include “family office”, “personal banking and external asset management (EAM)”, “trust set up and tax planning”, “establishment, issuance and management of privately offered funds”, “global insurance”, “wealth preservation and inheritance”, “securities and futures brokerage”, and “overseas immigration and real-estate investment”.

We partner with top private banks, internationally renowned investment banks, securities brokers and insurance companies across the globe, such as UBS, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, Citi, EFG Bank, Nomura, DBS, LGT Bank, VP Bank, Leonteq Securities, Vontobel, CICC (HK), CCBI (CCB International), CMBI (CMB International), BOCI (BOC International) and Huatai Financial Holdings.

JMC Capital has established global investment and custody centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and Liechtenstein as well as branches in Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen. Empowered by a global service network, we have been providing reliable asset allocation services for clients globally.

License & Qualifications

The Group’s subsidiaries are licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) to provide clients with Type 1 (dealing in securities), Type 2 (dealing in futures contracts), Type 4 (advising on securities), Type 5 (advising on futures contracts) and Type 9 (asset management) regulated activities. Besides, we are a Licensed Insurance Intermediary License from the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong, and we hold the Real Estate Agency License from the Estate Agents Authority of Hong Kong, the Trust or Company Service Provider License from the Company Registry, the CMS License from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Type 1 Dealing in securities

·Trading/broking stock options for clients

·Trading bonds for clients; buying/selling mutual funds and unit trusts for clients; placing and underwriting of securities

Type 2 Dealing in futures contracts

·Trading/broking stock options for clients

·Trading bonds for clients; buying/selling mutual funds and unit trusts for clients; placing and underwriting of securities

Type 4 Advising on securities

·Giving investment advice to clients relating to the sale/purchase of securities

·Issuing research reports/analyses on securities

Type 5 Advising on futures contracts

·Giving investment advice to clients relating to the sale/purchase of futures contracts

·Issuing research reports on futures contracts

Type 9 Asset management

·Managing a portfolio of securities or futures contracts for clients on discretionary basis

·Managing funds on discretionary basis

Group structure
Corporate culture
JMC Capital adheres to the principles of “integrity, professionalism, growth and mutual benefit”. The company’s practice is to customize one-stop financial solutions according to client's demands, offering effective, high-quality services with professionalism and integrity, to help achieve what client's goals.
Professional team

Elina Chan

    Elina Chan

    Ms. Elina Chan, the CEO and executive director of JMC Capital Group. She is a thinker, practitioner, spotter and linker of opportunities, resources and talents.

Benjamin Ho

    Benjamin Ho

    Mr. Benjamin Ho is Deputy Chief Executive Officer and he heads the Legal and Compliance Department of JMC Capital Group.

    Mr. Ho is a lawyer registered in Hong Kong and the UK. Additionally, he's a certified public accountant in Hong Kong and a chartered accountant in England and Wales.

    Mr. Ho has vast experience in assets management, acquisition and mergers as well as in enterprise financing transactions (including those in the capital and bond markets). Mr. Ho worked for several respected law firms and financial institutions in Hong Kong.

    Mr. Ho offers legal opinions on the type 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 9 regulated activities of the SFC for JMC Capital Group. He also lends his professional legal opinion to asset-management personnel and other members of the JMC fund-management team so as to help guide sound practices under the supervision of the Securities and Futures Commission ("SFC"). Thus, he ensures that operations are in conformity with the SFC's operational guidelines as well as the fund-management regulations.

Ady Ng

    Ady Ng

    Ms Ady Ng is the Chief Executive Officer of JMC Securities Singapore Pte. Ltd.,

    She graduated from the National University of Singapore.

    With more than 30 years of sales and management experience in trading derivatives brokerage business.Ms Ng served as Chief Executive Officer of UOB Bullion and Futures and Managing Director of Ong First Tradition (now KGI Securities).

    Ms. Ng served UOB Bullion and Futures for 14 years. At Ong First Tradition, She responsible for team management and strategic planning.

    MS. Ng served on SGX's Floor Commitee, Business Conduct Comittee and Disciplinary Commitee and on the Consultative Panel member for Bursa Malaysia.

    Ms Ng was a member on the Singapore International Arbitration Center and as a technical and advisory commitee member for Nanyang Technological University.

    She was also an active member with the FIA.

Chief Investment Officer

Steve Chang

    Steve Chang

    Mr. Steve Chang is the Chief Investment Officer of JMC Capital Group. He graduated from Columbia University in New York City with degrees in Engineering and International Finance. 

    With more than 25 years of industry experience, Mr. Chang served as Managing Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Head of Single Stocks Equities Derivatives trading at Morgan Stanley and Citigroup; Senior Managing Director at Rays Capital.

    At Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Mr. Chang managed Equities Trading and Global Proprietary Trading Group in Asia. Prior to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Mr. Chang was Senior Portfolio Manager at CSOP Asset Management where he managed absolute return portfolios and QDII fund. At Rays Capital, Mr. Chang managed absolute return portfolios.

Private Equity Department

Brian Chang

    Brian Chang

    Mr. Brian Chang is Head of Private Equity of JMC Capital Group.

    Mr. Chang holds MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Structural Engineering from the University of California.With more than 29 years in Private Equity experience, including Privatization, M&A, pre-IPO, and growth capital investments.

    Mr. Chang served as Managing Director at SPDB International. At SPDB International, Mr. Chang managed successfully in serval high-quality projects such as Wuxi Pharmatech, Tencent/Supercell, Wanda Pictures, Guodong Telecom, JD Logistics etc.

    Mr. Chang served as Executive Director in Bank of Communications (BOCOM) International; Managing Director and Partner in MUS Roosevelt Capital Partners ; Vice President in Lombard / APIC (HK) Limited ; PE Manager in HSBC Private Equity Management. He has led the PE investment in advanced technology, healthcare, consumption and other fields.

Wealth Management Department

Andrew Chak

    Andrew Chak

    Mr. Andrew Chak is the Head of Wealth Management Department of JMC Capital Group. He graduated from City University of Hong Kong with degrees in Quantitative Analysis for Business.

    With more than 25 years of asset management, banking, brokerage & wealth management experience, Mr. Chak served as Sales Director at KGI Asia Ltd., Managing Director at Changjiang Asset Management, Investment Director at Shenyan Hongyuan Asset Management, Investment Advisor at DBS Private Bank.

Asset Management Department

Anthony Chan

    Anthony Chan

    Mr. Anthony Chan is Investment consultant of JMC Capital Group.

    Mr. Chan graduated from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom with a bachelor's degree in mathematics and actuarial science.

    Mr. Chan served as the director of the investment and trading department in several asset management companies. With investment experience in many aspects, including equity, stock derivatives and structured product investment, as well as domestic and foreign real estate projects, domestic and foreign education projects, etc.

    Mr. Chan served as the Chief Analysis Officer of strategic development for a number of domestic companies, making detailed risk analysis and profit forecast reports for the investment projects of the companies, and at the same time providing investment solutions for the companies.

Frank Ke

    Frank Ke

    Mr. Frank Ke is Managing Director of Asset Management Department of JMC Capital Group and he is a senior private banking expert.

    Mr. Ke holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and an Executive Master of Business Administration degree from the Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance(Tsinghua PBCSF).

    Mr. Ke served as Director and Executive Director of UBS (Hong Kong Branch), BNP Paribas (Hong Kong Branch) and other family offices, and Senior Director of Wealth management business of China CITIC Bank and China Everbright Bank.

Patsy Au

    Patsy Au

    Ms. Patsy Au is Director of Asset Management Department of JMC Capital Group.

    Ms. Au graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, major in Finance, and holds a CMT Chartered Technical Analyst.

    With 20 years of experience in private banking wealth management and asset management, Ms. Au worked in Citibank, HSBC Private Bank, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse Private Bank, and also served as a Responsible Officer and Portfolio Manager of Asset Management company.

Responsible Officer

Tony Yuen

    Tony Yuen

    Mr. Yuen Ying Ho is the senior operation manager of JMC Capital HK Limited.

    Mr. Yuen is the member of the Institute of Financial Planners (Hong Kong) and responsible for overseeing the company's securities and asset management business.

    With more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry. Before joining the Group, Mr. Ho served as Responsible Officer at I-Access Investors Ltd, Emperor Capital and responsible for securities, foreign exchange, futures, and asset management.

Compliance Department

Derrick Ngor

    Derrick Ngor

    Mr. Derrick Ngor is the Compliance Manager of JMC Capital Asset Management Singapore Pte. Ltd.

    Mr. Ngor graduated from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) majoring in Banking and Finance. He also holds IBF Advanced qualification for Compliance from The Institute of Banking & Finance Singapore.

    Mr. Ngor is a seasoned AML/Compliance practitioner with more than 18 years’ experience across multiple jurisdictions. Mr. Ngor has worked in Credit Suisse AG, Saxo Bank (Hong Kong and Singapore), ADS Securities (Abu Dhabi), UOB, and Citibank.

    Mr. Ngor is responsible for overseeing the establishment of operations and compliance function in Singapore and Hong Kong. He also partners with external and internal stakeholders to drive a balanced and pragmatic compliance programme.

Senior Advisor

PHD Dr. Zhang Dong

    PHD Dr. Zhang Dong

    Dr. Zhang Dong serves as Artificial Intelligence Scientist of JMC Capital Group.

    Dr. Zhang graduated from Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a joint degree.

    Dr. Zhang is an expert in artificial intelligence science and technology engineering research and development, with more than 15 years of industry experience. He has worked at Google as a researcher and Baidu as a system architect of Data mining.

    At Google,Dr. Zhang was engaged in the research and development of recommendation algorithms and he won the 2008 Google APEC Innovation Award. At Baidu, Dr. Zhang managed the search advertising system.

    Dr. Zhang founded Oneboxtech, which was acquired by Alibaba Group and merged into Ali's Shenma Search.

Our Business Partners
Milestone Achievements
JMC Foundation Limited established
JMC Capital Family Office Singapore Pte. Ltd. established
JMC Securities Singapore Pte. Ltd. established

JMC Capital Global Opportunity Fund VCC

JMC Capital Singapore Family Office Fund VCC


JMCI has been approved as an Exchange Participant of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd and a holder of The Stock Exchange Trading Right and a CCASS Direct Clearing Participant
JMC Capital Asset Management Singapore Pte. Ltd. acquired CMS license from Monetary Authority of Singapore
First EAM firm which teamed up with FinIQ, the leading technology provider, to implement an atuomated process for structured product tradings
Acquisition of trust and company service licence in Hong Kong

JMC Securities and Futures Investment HK Ltd. officially changed name to JMC Capital International Ltd., and acquired Hong Kong SFC type 1, 4 licences
Acquisition of Hong Kong HKFE Participantship and HKSCC direct Clearing Participantship
JMC Capital Asset Management Singapore Pte. Ltd. Established 
Acquisition of Hong Kong Property Agency Licence
Acquisition of Hong Kong SFC Type 2 and 5 Licences 
Acquisition of Hong Kong Insurance Brokerage Licence
Acquisition of Hong Kong SFC Type 1, 4 and 9 Licences

JMC Capital Founded, Core Values were Identified as:

「Growth」「Mutual Benefit」

JMC Capital HK Ltd
We provide External Asset Management Services (EAM) to assist clients in depositing assets in Hong Kong/Singapore/Switzerland/Liechtenstein’s foreign private banks/investment banks in the role of professional investment managers and also assist clients in managing assets.
Our partners come from the world's top private banks, investment banks and security brokers including Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Julius Baer, EFG, Bank of Singapore, DBS, Deutsche Bank, LGT, VP Bank, Bendura, Leonteq Securities, Nomura, Interactive Broker, and CICC, etc.
Besides, we also provide tailor-made Cayman Islands umbrella fund establishment and management services.
JMC Capital International Ltd
Being a futures dealer registered with the SFC, a HKFE participant and a HKSCC direct clearing participant, we serve our clients in global commodity futures and index futures trading. To enable clients to capture profit opportunities, the company's trading platform is open 24/7 to provide them professional advice on trading. Our trading system allows clients to participate in major futures markets on their own.
JMC Capital Asset Management Singapore Pte. Ltd.
To support EAM investment management of local private bank in Singapore, Swiss private bank and the private equity investment management.
JMC Professional Insurance Brokers HK Ltd
To draw professional insurance plan for individual, family and corporate. We choose the world's leading insurance companies as our partners, which satisfy the clients' needs of life insurance, annuity savings, medical insurance and wealth inheritance. We also provide policy investment consultancy to support clients' wealth planning.
JMC Property HK Ltd
To provide one-stop services for immigration and acquisition overseas, properties, mortgage, submortgage, top-up loans in Hong Kong, etc.
JMC Consultancy Management HK Ltd
By integrating multiple information sources and professional opinions, in an objective and pertinent manner, we provide counseling with a comprehensive range of overseas asset allocation, trust design and tax planning, overseas study and other aspects.