Deal Portfolio
Listing date: 18th Jun, 2020
JD Group (HK09618)
JD Group provides value conscious mass-market customers in Southern Africa the opportunity and means to create a comfortable lifestyle, through its diversified retail and consumer finance businesses. We are differentiated and diversified retailer of Furniture, Household appliances, Consumer electronic and technology goods. In addition, we are a leading consumer finance business providing innovative financial services focusing on JD Group’s retail customer base.
Listing date: 8th Dec, 2020
JD Health (HK06618)
JD Health International Inc. (“the Company”) is the largest online healthcare platform in China. It is also pioneering the digitalization and transformation of the healthcare industry. The Company’s technology-driven platform is centered on the supply chain of pharmaceutical and healthcare products and strengthened by healthcare services, encompassing a user’s full life span for all healthcare needs. The retail pharmacy and the online healthcare services can satisfy users’ needs across all aspects of the healthcare products and services sector and provide easily accessible, convenient, high-quality yet affordable healthcare products and services for everyone in China.
Listing date: 5th Feb, 2021
Kuaishou (HK01024)
Kuaishouis a video-sharing mobile app developed by Beijing Kuaishou Technology Co., Ltd, with a particularly strong user base among users outside of China's Tier 1 cities. Outside Mainland China, it has also gained considerable popularity in other markets, topping the Google Play and Apple App Store's "Most Downloaded" lists in eight countries, such as in Brazil. In India, this app was known as Snack Video. It is often referred to as "Kwai" in overseas markets. In June 2020, the Government of India banned Kwai along with 58 other apps. Its main competitor is Douyin, which is known as TikTok outside of China.
Listing date: 8th Sep,2020
Nongfu Spring(HK09633)
Founded in 1996, Nongfu Spring is China’s largest packaging water supplier, holding the number one spot for market share and is one of the top 20 beverage companies in China.
Listing date: 3rd Mar, 2021
SciClone (HK06600)
SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a global biopharmaceutical company. The Company acquires, develops, and commercializes drugs for treating chronic and life-threatening diseases such as cancer, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, cystic fibrosis, and immune system disorders.
Round F
Wedoctor Group
WeDoctor is the world's leading medical health technology platform, created by Liao Jieyuan and his team in 2010.
Listing date: 30th Jun,2021
Didi Chuxing Technology Co., formerly named Didi Dache (嘀嘀打车) and Didi Kuaidi (Chinese: 滴滴快的), is a Chinese vehicle for hire company headquartered in Beijing with over 550 million users and tens of millions of drivers. The company provides app-based transportation services, including taxi hailing, private car hailing, social ride-sharing, and bike sharing; on-demand delivery services; and automobile services, including sales, leasing, financing, maintenance, fleet operation, electric vehicle charging, and co-development of vehicles with automakers.
Listing date: 29th Mar, 2021
Bilibili (NYSE: BILI)
Bilibili, also nicknamed B Site (B站) in China, is a Chinese video sharing website based in Shanghai, themed around animation, comic, and games (ACG), where users can submit, view and add overlaid commentary on videos. Bilibili uses Adobe Flash or HTML5 player, to play user submitted videos hosted by either itself or third-party sources, featuring a scrolling danmu commenting system. Since the mid-2010s, Bilibili began to expand to a broader audience from its original niche market that focused on animation and games, and it has become one of the major Chinese video on demand over-the-top streaming platforms that programs critically acclaimed and popular documentaries, variety shows, and other original programming.
Listing date: 12th Dec,2020
Evergrande Property Services(HK06666)
Evergrande Property Services Group Limited operates as property management service providers. The Company provides property management services for high-end residential, theme parks, industrial parks, healthcare complexes, and other buildings. Evergrande Property Services Group offers services in China.
Strategic Investment
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Listing date: 18th Feb, 2021
New Horizon Health(HK06606)
New Horizon Health Ltd is a leader in early cancer screening in China and a pioneer in home testing. The company focuses on cancer prevention and cure through screening and early detection. It generates maximum revenue from ColoClear product.
Round C6
Horizon Robotics
We exist as a company to change people life.
To harness the full potential of AI, we constantly push the boundaries of innovation in AI processors, AI algorithms, AI compute systems and AI toolchains.
Smart Mobility will touch everyone and transform our life. For the better. Horizon Robotics helps to unleash the maximum value in AI to power the automotive intelligence of tomorrow.
3D Medicines Inc.
3D Medicines Inc. is a commercialization stage bio-pharmaceutical company, focused on the field of cancer treatment. With a mission to help people with cancer live longer and better, we commit to developing a new generation of therapies for cancer patients around the world, following a future when cancer is managed as a chronic disease. Our differentiated or world-leading portfolio of 12 drug candidates with clinical benefit includes eight in clinical or commercialization stage. Our global first subcutaneously-injectable PD-L1 antibody Envafolimab co-developed by partner has submitted BLA in China. The global first-in-class peptide cancer vaccine 3D189 and GAS6 decoy protein 3D229 are in an ongoing global Phase III trial. Our in-house developed multi-target kinase inhibitor 3D011 has also entered clinical development. We currently have a strong international team of R&D, manufacture and commercialization members. 
Listing date: 8th May, 2021
JD Logistic began with the establishment of JD Group’s in-house logistics department in 2007, and we have been continually building our logistics infrastructure, technologies, as well as operational and industry know-hows for over a decade. Starting from 2012, we helped JD Group maintain its inventory turnover days consistently below 40 days despite the significant increase in the number of SKUs. In 2020, approximately 90% of the total online retail orders processed for JD Group through our networks were delivered on the same day or the day after the order was placed. With the fundamental approaches of minimizing the number of transits and shortening the distance between merchandises and consumers, we believe we have revolutionized and led the upgrade of supply chains of the e-commerce industry in China. Through this process, we have built up our nationwide and strategically-located logistics infrastructure and technology platform from ground up, redefined the industry standards for service quality, and accumulated deep know-hows in key industry verticals. We have then opened up our solutions and services to external customers since 2017 with the goal of empowering their supply chains.
Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) is an American aerospace manufacturer, space transportation services and communications company headquartered in Hawthorne, California. SpaceX was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with the goal of reducing space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars. SpaceX manufactures the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launch vehicles, several rocket engines, Dragon cargo, crew spacecraft and Starlink communications satellites.
Listing date: 23rd Mar, 2021
Our mission is to make the complicated world simpler through technology. Founded in 2000 as a search engine platform, we were an early adopter of artificial intelligence in 2010 to make content discovery on the internet easier. We have also used “Baidu Brain,” our core AI technology engine, to develop new AI businesses. 
Carbon® is a 3D printing technology company helping businesses to develop better products and bring them to market in less time. Carbon is a venture-backed company headquartered in Redwood City, CA.

Carbon has customers in 17 countries and is continuing to expand globally.

Zipline was founded on a mission to provide every human on Earth with instant access to vital medical supplies.
Life Biosciences
Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Boston, MA, Life Biosciences is pursuing therapies targeting three molecular pathways that regulate the biology of aging: mitochondrial uncoupling, chaperone-mediated autophagy, and epigenetic reprogramming. Our platform approach enables us to develop pharmaceutical treatments with the potential to prevent, treat, and/or reverse multiple aging-related diseases, each with critical unmet needs.
Giant Biogene
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Lady M® New York is the pioneer of the well-loved Mille Crêpes. The Signature Mille Crêpes features no less than twenty paper-thin handmade crêpes layered with ethereal light pastry cream, gently caramelized on top until golden. Combining French pastry techniques with Japanese etiquette of precision, Lady M New York prides itself on creating the freshest and finest cakes and confectionary delights. Since opening its first 600 square feet cake boutique in New York's Upper East Side in 2001, Lady M New York has assembled a phenomenal little black book of fans around the world and internationally.