Family office

Our consulting team, which has more than ten years’ experience in private banking and wealth management, are dedicated for family clients of ultra-high net worth. Our team specializes in discretionary investment services, enhanced by integrating the Group's resources and provides comprehensive family wealth management services, including asset management, trust establishment, asset allocation, tax consultancy, insurance, immigration, education and other value-added services for clients to continually maintain the safety and growth of financial capital as the legacy of a family’s human and intellectual capital.

Family office services
Family Office Service
Scope of family office service
· Establish family office platforms
· Set up overseas family office ( in Hong Kong and Singapore)
· Overseas financial licenses
· Recruit and manage financial teams
· Select financial institutions for cooperation
Cooperative Financial Institutions
· Private bank
· Insurance / Trust services
· Investment bank
· Legal / regulation / taxation and other professional firms
· Other professional institutions
Advantages of our family office services
·Talent training for family enterprise
·Assisting with license acquisition
·Building reliable teams of qualified professionals
·limiting the time and cost expenses relative to the establishment of family office
Advantages of our family office services
· Private banker
· Wealth management
· Investment banker
· Tax Planning
· Wealth planning advisor
· Immigration planning
· Non-financial advisor
· Charitable activities planning
· Overseas companies establishment
· Corporate secretary service