Fund establishment management

We deliver establishment and management of umbrella funds in the Cayman Islands tailored for clients. Through our one-stop fund service platform, our expert fund-investment team not only recommends funds to institutional investors, family offices and enterprises for their businesses but also provides operation-support, compliance and investment advisory services.

With the [JMC Enhanced Income Fund] (our ace fund), our fund-investment team closely follows monitors changes in the credit markets of the U.S. and the Greater China, primarily regards bond investment values stocks as well as structural products as major investment goals, and employs flexible investment strategies for diversified asset allocation and effective risk management so as to attain long-term, stable returns for our valued clients.

Additionally, our [JMC Special Opportunity Fund SPII] focuses on the pre-IPO investment in new stocks, which are curated by our fund managers and investment advisory teams. The Fund achieves its goal through direct participation in the sizable transfers of existing stocks, the global placement and allotment of shares or pre-IPO investment in enterprises with the highest growth potential in different industries. It prospers by actively seeking short-term, high-yield investment opportunities based on a six-month cycle.